Sacraments Confirmation

The Sacrament of Confirmation

Teen Confirmation
The Sacrament of Confirmation is offered to students who are at least in grade eight and who have completed previous years of religious education. The Confirmation program is also offered to high school teens that have not yet been confirmed.

Students who attend public schools are required to attend weekly catechesis through EDGE (8th grade students) or Life Teen (high school students). All students – including those who attend Catholic schools – wishing to be confirmed are also required to attend monthly sponsor/parent/candidate Confirmation Prep Nights and a day-long retreat. Additionally, candidates are expected to participate in service opportunities.

Registration begins in early April and all students must be registered into the Confirmation program by August 1st.  For forms and additional information, visit the EDGE page.

For more information please contact Shannon Zeltner, Director of Religious Education, at 440-238-1770.

Adult Confirmation (see RCIA)
Any Catholic parishioner, 18 years or older, who wishes to be confirmed may contact the parish office for more information.

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