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   Pray for son(s) denying addiction  
Please help us to guide our son to see that he is suffering from addiction and that we are here to help him before he completely destroys his young life.  He has throw away his family, his friends his education and almost his freedom to prescription and non prescription drugs.  We have suggested he seek help but he refuses.  God please help us get him to the help he needs and open his heart to love and healing and forgiveness.  Thank you Jesus

Prayer Requested By: Trish, 02-12-2016 - 03:29:59 PM
   Miracle for baby  
Please pray for the health of a tiny unborn baby and mother. Please Dear God, send a miracle of healing to this family. Thank you!

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 02-10-2016 - 09:01:42 PM
   Parents health  
Please Pray for Sonny's full recovery from mini stroke and Lena's knee and back pain. Pray for strength and comfort as they leave their home of 45 years to move into an apartment. Thank you so much for your prayers.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 02-10-2016 - 08:54:00 PM
   For my daughter  
I pray that my daughter, Sarah, finds a good job, has good health and finds love and happiness in her life.

Prayer Requested By: Kathy, 02-10-2016 - 03:09:47 PM
   Family Health and Harmony  
Please help us grow together in Faith, Love and Peace.  Please help us with our daily struggles.  Amen.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 02-10-2016 - 10:23:21 AM
I ask that my financial position will somehow improve greatly and that I will receive blessings. R.W. *********  UK

Prayer Requested By: Raymond White, 02-06-2016 - 05:19:54 AM
   For a couple  
Please pray for a couple Nick C. and his wife Susie B. pray for their conversion. They are far from God please pray because He can touch their hearts. I'm so worried about them. Their heart is just focused on mundane things.Please pray for them.Thank you so much! 

Prayer Requested By: Martina, 01-25-2016 - 01:39:35 PM
   Parkinson\'s recovery  
 We pray for the healing, happiness, and restoration of good health of my mother Won, and for her to enjoy peaceful, restorative sleep each night. We also pray for the good health of my father Michael and myself. Thank you.

Prayer Requested By: Nick, 01-20-2016 - 11:23:55 PM
   Prayer Request  
Dear Lord,
Please watch over Abby and Mandy.  Help them and others see the true talents that they have. 

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 01-20-2016 - 07:12:28 AM
   Spiritual & Physical healing  
Please pray for me. I have been enduring terrible physical & spiritual sufferings for many years now, each year worse than the previous. Please pray that my purgatory on earth may end soon. Please include me in your mass intentions. Thank you in advance. God bless you.

Prayer Requested By: Carlos, 01-12-2016 - 04:30:20 PM
Please pray that i find true love...and please pray that God may bless me with a good job very soon.

Thank you very much for your prayers!

God bless you,


Prayer Requested By: Timea, 01-11-2016 - 05:07:51 PM
   Urgent Financial Needs  
Urgent Intercession please for the Lord to provide-quickly-funds for rent, utilities, medical and food. Also a new career that is of HIS choice where my talents can be used in the service of others and for my family. Thank you. God bless.

Prayer Requested By: Daniel, 01-10-2016 - 09:49:34 PM
Please pray for my Mom who is having health problems.  Thank you.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 01-09-2016 - 12:07:16 PM
   Fr.John Neumann  
Please Please intercede in the healing of pancreatic and liver cancer of my sister Janie. Thank You

Prayer Requested By: Mary, 01-06-2016 - 09:18:44 PM
   A Friend Trying to Get Pregnant  
Please pray for a friend and her husband who have been unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant.  They really want to have a child if it is God's will.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 01-06-2016 - 12:25:50 PM
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