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   For wisdom and guidance during job search  
Please pray for a young mother who is interviewing and trying to get back into the work force.  I pray she obtains the right job that enables her and her very young family to prosper and flourish. May her family be bound by the Holy Spirit, continue grow together, and learn keep our Lord as their rock.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 07-30-2015 - 06:09:15 AM
   Thanks for the prayers  
Thank you for your prayers.  Jen found a wonderful place for her and her daughter. 

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 07-30-2015 - 05:52:56 AM
   Help for single mom  
Please pray for Jen, a single mother looking for a new place for her and her daughter to live.  May God bless them, keep them safe, and provide them with a loving, wonderful place to live.  Amen

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 07-23-2015 - 10:39:32 AM
   Successful operations and cure from cancer  
Please pray for my husband Danny who will be undergoing a valve transplant and 3 days later a pneumonectomy for a curitive intent from lung cancer.

Prayer Requested By: Charlene, 07-17-2015 - 07:11:47 AM
   Strength and Healing  
Please pray for my father who has been hospitalized for severe anemia caused by bleeding from a cancerous gastric tumor.  He will need the strength of prayer to help him through this crisis.  He is one of the bravest and strongest men I know but really needs some extra help right now.  Thank you so much!!

Prayer Requested By: Ann, 07-15-2015 - 09:29:08 AM
   Prayer Request  
prayer for my daughter who is still grieving and struggling with the loss of her best friend.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 07-14-2015 - 06:42:32 PM
   Strength and fairness  
Dear Friends,
Please pray for my friend, Kevin who is going through an unfortunate divorce with his unfaithful wife. He will be having a court date tomorrow out of many still to come. May the Lord please shine light and clarity to the judges to be wise and fair.
Please give strength and peace to Kevin and his three beautiful children who are also having the most difficult time.
Let this mattter end well and may they all move on with their lives with peace and love.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 07-13-2015 - 10:43:04 AM
   Amanda Selby  
Amanda is pregnant with twins and is being told she could have TTTS which can happen with identical twins.  Pray that she doesn't have this and she can carry and deliver her babies healthy.  Thank you.

Prayer Requested By: Anne, 07-12-2015 - 02:18:12 PM
   Strength for young father  
Please pray that a young father will look to his heavenly Father for wisdom, discernment, and Holy Spirit guidance. May he focus his eyes on the Lord and dismiss all things in his life taht are not of God.  Give him the knowledge and strenghth to follow the path God has for him.  Bless him, cover him, and protect him and his young family.  May they all flourish in the prayers, love, and support that surrounds them.  Amen

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 07-12-2015 - 07:37:13 AM
   Financial Security for Family Members  
Please pray that our family members will be able to sell their house.  It has been on the market for a long time, and this is a great concern. Also that they will have strong job security.
Thank you for praying for them. 

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 07-06-2015 - 07:26:05 AM
   Prayer Request  
Dear Lord,
Please give Abby that extra drive she needs to do her best and earn a place on the team she has been working so hard for.  Lead her to work hard.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 07-06-2015 - 07:17:32 AM
   Prayer Request  
please pray for good health and peace for my family.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 06-19-2015 - 01:40:01 PM
   To find beautiful young Russian woman  
Please pray that I find the beautiful young Russisn woman that I met at an audition 5 years ago. She was humble and down to earth. She had a traditional Russian name which I cant remember. I was there to sing and she was there to dance. She was tall and had long blond hair. I would certainly marry her. Please pray for me for as long as possible. Tjank you for yout prayers. Love, Chris from Los Angeles

Prayer Requested By: Chris Petrillo, 06-12-2015 - 12:14:38 AM
For the propagation of devotion to Our Lady of Flowers.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 06-11-2015 - 12:28:53 PM
   Prayer Request  
My cousin,  Al Delgreco, was just informed he has leukemia.  Please pray for him.  He is such a good man, but humble that he would not ask anyone to pray for him.   Thank you.

Prayer Requested By: Debbie Cottrell, 05-27-2015 - 12:33:18 PM
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