Catholic Resources Diocesan Links
Diocesan Links
Links to Communications and Resources provided by the Diocese of Cleveland
1 Diocean Memorandum
Official information for and about our Diocese during the current month.
2 Diocesan Bulletin Inserts
Special inserts of special events in the diocese.
3 Diocesan Workshops, Seminars and Retreats
Workshops are provided by Diocese covering many different topics.
4 Directory of Priests
Listing of all priests in diocese,where they reside.
5 Parish Directory
Detailed information of each parish in the diocese, who the pastor is and his staff, plus other information about the parish. Updated as of October 31, 2012.
6 St. Mary Seminary Course Schedule
Cources for Pastoral Associates, Lay Persons, and Priests too.
7 Statement on Gambling
The Church does say something about gambling -- read it here!