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Our annual SJN Thanksgiving Dinner Drive will be held on Sunday, November 13th.  You (or you and a group of families) are asked to provide a frozen turkey and all of the trimmings for those less fortunate.  Each year this drive becomes more and more popular and our total number of Thanksgiving baskets donated has increased greatly since our very first Thanksgiving Dinner Drive. All dinners are donated to the Strongsville Food Bank, St. Boniface Food Bank, LaSagrada Familia Parish and Catholic Charities Early Learning Center.

Sign up to donate a dinner in the LAC foyer after any of the masses the weekends of  October 22nd/23th, October 29th/30th and November 5th/6th.
All dinners need to be delivered to the LAC on Sunday, November 13th before noon.

Thanksgiving Dinner Checklist

Frozen turkey         Canned vegetable(s)

Canned yams            Stuffing mix

Boxed mashed potatoes  Gravy

Cranberry sauce          Non-perishable dessert item


What is the Thanksgiving Dinner Drive?

The Thanksgiving Dinner Drive is St. John Neumann’s way of helping other families celebrate Thanksgiving in their own homes in their own ways. We are asking you (or you and a group of families) to provide a FROZEN turkey and all of the usual trimmings that accompany a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

  1. What items should we include in the dinner?

Although we realize that items may vary somewhat, we are generally recommending that in addition to the frozen turkey, the following items be included: canned corn and/or peas, canned yams, boxed mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy mix, stuffing mix, and a non-perishable dessert item (such as jello, brownie mix or cake mix). Please remember that all items except for the turkey must be non-perishable. Please also know that you are welcome to add your own special touch. Perhaps your family always has a specific food item at Thanksgiving that you would like to include, or maybe you want to add Thanksgiving napkins. That’s great! Feel free to add your own “extras”, and make it your own special donation. It is truly beautiful (and fun!) to see what people choose to include each year. Past favorites of the volunteers have included a turkey baster, Thanksgiving decorative centerpieces for the table, pumpkin spice candles, hot chocolate and marshmallows, apple cider packets, and pumpkin spice flavored powered coffee cream. Some people even decorate their boxes!

  1. Do you really want a frozen turkey? Why?

Yes. The turkeys will be delivered to the agencies following the noon mass on Sunday, November 14th. Rest assured that we have already talked to a couple of butchers, and they assured us that the turkeys will not thaw out in that amount of time.

  1. What size turkey should I buy?

We are suggesting that you buy an 8-12 pound turkey. However, please know that if you purchase a smaller or larger size, the agencies will make sure to use them as well. The agencies serve families of all sizes!

  1. Why are the sign-ups so early?

We need to complete our sign ups early enough so that we can then call the agencies to let them know how many donations to expect. This, in turn, helps them to determine what their remaining needs will be, and they can plan, budget and buy accordingly.

  1. Is it important to sign up?

Yes, signing up is important! Although we are extremely grateful for all of the donations that arrive on Sunday, November 14th, we do tend to receive several dinners from people who did not sign up. We can certainly handle a few extra dinners, but if we receive too many “extras”, it can become difficult to place them with such short notice. Signing up lets us know how many to expect, and we can then make arrangements to have each and every dinner accounted for. Having an accurate number makes the delivery go all that much smoother.

  1. Why is the collection not held the weekend immediately preceding Thanksgiving?

Once again, this has to do with the agencies and their specific distribution procedures. They choose to distribute the dinners on designated days so we need to have our donations there when they tell us they need them.

  1. If I donate extra food in my basket, will you take it out and distribute it to another basket?

No. We understand that you have put thought and time into creating your own basket, and we don’t want to interfere with that. We do, however, check each basket to make sure it contains the items we have requested. We have “extras” on hand to make those baskets complete.

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