Welcome to the Edge Program! Edge meets on Monday evenings here at SJN Church from 6:30 until 8:00 and is open to all current 6th, 7th and 8th graders. We welcome your presence and participation! We will begin meeting in September and conclude in May. Once we get closer to the start of the new year, you will receive a calendar with the dates and topics for each Monday night. Our Edge program strives to meet the middle schoolers where they are at socially and spiritually. The middle schoolers are placed in small group with 7-12 other kids, and each group is lead generally by one adult and one teen. Our Edge team works diligently to provide a solid faith foundation and we offer many opportunities where we hope they will encounter Christ. A typical Edge night begins with a game, followed by the catechesis for the evening. After the catechesis, the kids are dismissed into small groups where they break apart the lesson and learn how the lessons can best apply to their daily lives. The evening concludes with a prayer experience.

Testimonial : “As somebody who went through the entire Edge process and is now a teen Edge core leader, I can tell you that Edge is a program that never stops teaching. I learned so much and created such a great relationship with God during my 3 years within the program, and continually learn every Monday I go and lead. Edge was what sparked my passion for the Church and planted a seed of deep thinking about God in me, and when leading I can see God moving in the midst of all of the teens and pre-teens that attend, even the apprehensive ones. I have been, and always will be, so excited to talk about God every Monday night.”

Edge Camp

Since 1994, St. John’s has been offering a week-long day camp for middle schoolers going into the seventh and eighth grade. The camp is designed to be a fun, community-building experience, connecting the middle schoolers with each other and high school teens who serve as positive, faith-filled role models and camp counselors. Edge approaches middle school religious education differently than the traditional classroom-style catechesis. We work to connect what they are learning about their faith with what they are experiencing in their daily lives. Our aim is to not only educate the middle schoolers about the Faith but to lead them to a conversion of heart, all through a comprehensive, community-centered program.